Buyer's Resources


Buyer Tips

 The easy way to find a home and make an offer:

· Find a Realtor you can work with:

  • Someone who is knowledgeable
  • Someone who is available when you are
  • Someone who will work hard for you

Using ONE Realtor makes a lot of sense. If you have found a Realtor you like working with, stay with them. You will receive better service as they will have a true sense of what you need, what you’ve looked at, your likes and dislikes, and can keep you up-to-date on the latest listings. If they are licensed in the state of KS and are a member of the Hays Board of Realtors, they can show and sell you any home on the market regardless of whose sign is out front.

Here is what we, as Your Realtor, will do for you:

· Email or send you current listings as they become available and keep a list of any for-sale-by-owners in your price range

· Set up showings when YOU are available, and keep in touch as to reductions in prices, other offers, etc.

· Gather additional information on properties you have interest in.

· Arrange inspections, estimates, utility averages, etc. if needed

· We can show and sell any property in the area, so if you like our service, stay with us

· As a Buyer’s Agent, we can work for YOU, and only YOU. Ask us the role of a Buyer’s Agent!

Here is what you can do:

· Have a prequalification letter ready from a lender – it gives power to your offer. We can refer you to quality lenders!

· Be ready to see properties as they become available – the good buys go quickly!

How to make an offer:

A buyer can make any offer they want, this is true. The seller has the option to accept it, to make a counter offer, or to not respond at all. A few tips that will assist you in getting your offer accepted or responded to:

· If you need closing costs, don’t make the offer too low.

· Back up your offer with a prequalification letter from your lender – you mean business!

· A low offer may look better if you don’t ask for a lot of other concessions, repairs, etc.

· Most sellers would rather offer allowances than make repairs.

· If you are worried about major equipment and appliances in a home, don’t ask the seller to fix them – instead, consider asking the seller to pay for a Home Warranty or reduce the price of the home.

OK, now you have decided on the offer you want to make. We will prepare a contract and go over it with you, including sharing what your estimated expenses will be to purchase the home. After you have signed your offer, we will present the offer to the seller’s listing Realtor, who will then present it to the seller. You will need to include an earnest money deposit with your offer – it is customary to make a deposit of $500-$1,000. This is refunded if the contract is not accepted. If the contract is accepted, the earnest money is deposited at the listing Realtor’s trust company until closing and will be credited towards your closing fees. 

Sellers and buyers are asked to respond to offers and negotiations in a reasonable amount of time – usually 24-48 hours.

How much will your dream home cost?

Follow the link below to get your monthly mortgage estimate.

Seller's Resources


Sellers Tips

  Prior to Listing with A Home for You Realty we will:

· Ask you questions from our Pre-Listing Interview Questionnaire.

· Meet with you and explain the selling process, enabling you to be prepared with what will be happening as you sell your home.

Once you decide to list with A Home for You Realty we will:

· Complete a Comparative Market Analysis to determine the market value of your home and assist you in pricing it accordingly to attract the most buyers and get the highest possible price.

· Prepare you a Good Faith Estimate of the expenses on the sale of your home to determine your net proceeds.

· Stage your home and assist you in presenting your home in its best possible form for future buyers.

·Take measurements, obtain all necessary physical information, and take professional photos of your home for marketing purposes.

· Provide a sign, client listing sheets, and make arrangements on how to show your home. If you are not living in the home, we will ensure the home is ready for all showings by all Realtors with the lights on, blinds open, etc.

· Begin to market your home within 24 hours with inclusion on all major websites at no extra charge. Your home will be advertised on MLS, Facebook, the Hays Open House website, Zillow,, and our website. 

· Provide Open Houses at your discretion. 

· Engage marketing strategies we use at 3/6/9/12 weeks on the market to give your home top visibility in the market.

Once your home is listed on the market we will:

· Update you on a weekly basis on buyer comments about your home so we may react to market needs.

· Bring qualified buyers to your home so as not to waste your time.

Once there is a contract on your home we will:

· Present an offer in a timely manner with a calculation of your net proceeds so you may decide whether you want to accept the offer or make a counter offer.

· Handle all necessary arrangement of making sure the inspections, title work, and loan processing is occurring on time and will update you as we get closer to the closing date.

· Meet with you to get your notarized signatures on all necessary documentation prior to closing so you will not have to make arrangements to attend the closing.

· Hand-deliver, mail, or deposit your proceeds check the day of closing.

· Remind you after closing to contact your escrow company to request a refund of taxes and insurance on the home you sold, as well as cancel the property insurance.